Update and Black History Month


UPDATE: So I am still in talks with a certain distribution company that is interested in my project. So what is the hold up you ask? Well, they are concerned that I may have too many black characters in my line up and therefore the show may not sell very well in the foreign market. They said my characters do not look "mainstream" enough. Personally I disagree with this notion and believe that if you tell great stories with great characters, people will respond and enjoy it, regardless of race. What is also interesting is that not all of my characters are Black/Afro-American. I have many key characters in the Fantastic Dimension universe that are of other ethnicities. My entire goal with this project from the jump was to have a line up of characters that touches a diverse spectrum based on my own experience in reality. So we will see, we plan to have a first time meet up to discuss the matter further, so I am hopeful that I will be able to demonstrate the viability of this project and eliminate any doubts. I hope that the release and subsequent success of the Black Panther movie will demonstrate that stories who prominently feature African/Afro-Americans can and do work and will resonate with a wide market, because once again, it is about great characters and great stories, and Black Panther is an example of both. I believe my project will prove to be as well.

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