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Take a Journey through The Multiverse!

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When Alphatron mysteriously crashes on a foreign planet without a ship, he is quickly found and seized by some of the planet’s native residents, Ozguardians, who worry that Alphatron is a hostile. Years prior, a humanoid, Ka’Lamus, arrived in a similar manner then staged a violent insurrection. The Ozguardians are still fighting his sinister rule.

Suffering from amnesia due to the trauma of traveling between dimensions, Alphatron agrees to help the native Ozguardians fight their war in exchange for their help in determining who he is and where he came from.




An epic Sci-fi Adventure!

Fantastic Dimension is an epic fast-paced, sci-fi, action-adventure series that follows the exploits of several heroes  that span across time, space, and the multiverse!

Fantastic Dimension is a series of concurrent stories which focus on a character named Alphatron who faces impossible circumstances to become an inter-dimensional hero. During his journey, he discovers new worlds and meets amazing beings, some friend and some foe. Eventually he will band together with new found allies from parallel dimensions, many also with strange abilities, to fight a great evil that not only threatens the existence of his world, but all worlds in existence!

Fantastic Dimension is a timeless, fast-paced science fiction superhero epic that has numerous possibilities with story and characters by exploring themes of justice, liberty, hope, love, family and validation.

Being a brand-new universe of characters and stories, this Intellectual Property will be meeting a market demand for new, fresh, and original content.

This television series pilot project will be able to take advantage of the growing popularity of the superhero genre in TV and film, as well as the ever-growing popularity of storytelling through animation.




Jerry McClellan Sr. is a multi-talented professional working within the creative industry. He has earned a Bachelors in Communication Arts from Loyola Marymount University. In addition to writing, Jerry also works as a Web Designer/Developer in Southern California.

Jerry has been a fan of animation for as long as he can remember, and fell in love with 3D animation at a young age from his first exposure to an old Saturday morning series called ReBoot. He is also a fan of comics, and is a huge fan of the DC Animated Universe! Jerry has always had a knack for writing, even starting his own blog years ago called “Truth Be Told”, addressing social and political issues of the day. This led to a growing fascination with writing for animation. After realizing a growing demand for fresh, new, minority characters in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, Jerry felt it was time to create a new universe of characters that would meet these demands, Fantastic Dimension was created. Fantastic Dimension has been over seven years in the making. At this point there are well over 50+ diverse characters within the Fantastic Dimension Universe, and still growing! Fantastic Dimension is currently in development as an animated series and the first of many graphic novels is available for purchase at

Along with being a busy father of two, Jerry also provides charitable work such as free creative web services for the South African Well Project. He also volunteers with the West Los Angeles C.O.G.I.C. prison ministry, and as a Sunday School teacher for adult bible class. Jerry also volunteered as an after-school coordinator for the non-profit group BOND (Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny) for several years, mentoring at risk Junior High/High School teens.

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