It is official!

I have a signed distribution deal with Vision Films! Thanks to the massive success of the Black Panther, people are taking notice. As I stated in my last post, I believe more projects will get the green light thanks to the success of Marvel's Black Panther movie, and I am very excited for that. I am also thankful.

Now that the distribution deal is done, time to move forward. Now I wait for financing to come through. I am finding that the development process involves a lot of waiting on other people. I'm learning patience. I am contemplating that for future projects I want to figure out a better, faster way to bring my content to life. Perhaps taking advantage of crowdfunding would help, but even with that, from what I've seen, projects still take up to a year or more to get released, usually due to limited funding. I guess it is what it is, we will see. Nevertheless I am very excited and can't wait to get into production!

Once again, thank you to all who have shown support for this endeavor and keep your eyes and ears open for more Fantastic Dimension news! Remember to get your copy of Fantastic Dimension: Alphatron from this site, use the code Alphatron2 for the discount. Also keep on the lookout for my next comic called The Story of Zzarr, currently in production, coming this summer!

Make it a wonderful day!

Billion Dollar Panther...


Marvel's Black Panther movie has taken the world by storm with a successful box office showing and has now become one of the top MCU movies of all time, and with a world wide box office of over $1 billion, I would add, is slated to become among the highest grossing movies overall, already sharing the spotlight with the likes of Star Wars and The Dark Knight. This should be no surprise though, the movie is exceptional. I saw it myself at least 5 times so far, and plan to see it again, it is that good!

So now, in regards to my own project Fantastic Dimension, if you recall, I mentioned in another post that there was some hesitation in producing my project by an interested distribution company due to having African American characters featured prominently in my series. The thinking is that black characters or stories do not do well in foreign markets. Clearly, such ideas are proving to be antiquated at best, as Black Panther just had a huge opening in China at $67 million US, as of the latest reports!  As I stated before, people want to see good stories with great characters, regardless of race or even gender. Black Panther proves this to be true.

So now, thanks to the phenomenal success of Black Panther, they are coming to the table with plans on working with me and getting my project out there asap. I say awesome! I hope and pray that with this success, there will be even more black creators who will get a green light for their projects as a result. So keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for more info on the Fantastic Dimension animated series. Once again, thank you to all who have shown support in any way, it is much appreciated! Please remember to get your copy of Fantastic Dimension: Alphatron, available now! Add promo code 'Alphatron2' for a deep discount!

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Update and Black History Month


UPDATE: So I am still in talks with a certain distribution company that is interested in my project. So what is the hold up you ask? Well, they are concerned that I may have too many black characters in my line up and therefore the show may not sell very well in the foreign market. They said my characters do not look "mainstream" enough. Personally I disagree with this notion and believe that if you tell great stories with great characters, people will respond and enjoy it, regardless of race. What is also interesting is that not all of my characters are Black/Afro-American. I have many key characters in the Fantastic Dimension universe that are of other ethnicities. My entire goal with this project from the jump was to have a line up of characters that touches a diverse spectrum based on my own experience in reality. So we will see, we plan to have a first time meet up to discuss the matter further, so I am hopeful that I will be able to demonstrate the viability of this project and eliminate any doubts. I hope that the release and subsequent success of the Black Panther movie will demonstrate that stories who prominently feature African/Afro-Americans can and do work and will resonate with a wide market, because once again, it is about great characters and great stories, and Black Panther is an example of both. I believe my project will prove to be as well.

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In celebration of Black History Month, please financially support black creatives starting with me. :-)
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I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and new year! First I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has liked, shared, or commented on anything Fantastic Dimension. Your support is most appreciated. Secondly, if you haven't already, please get your digital copy of Alphatron Vol. 1 here. With your support, I will be able to finish this 3 volume series, so please purchase your copy. Lastly, as for the t.v. development, I am still waiting to hear from my producer's rep regarding a deal with a certain distribution company. So far it seems they have shown a strong interest in my project so I am still hopeful. From what I've been told by more experienced people in the industry, when a production company, executive, or distributor asks questions concerning your project pitch, that is a god thing. These guys have had a lot of questions, so I am very hopeful that we can secure a deal soon.

Once again, thank you for all of your support, I hope 2018 will become a wonderful year for us all.

My First Foray Into The World Of Entertainment...


So last year starting in June of 2016 I began my journey into the world of entertainment. With a desire to produce my take on the superhero genre I began to package my stories and character breakdowns to ready them for presenting to a producer I met through a referral. I had never considered, and didn't really know about, getting a development deal. My original goals were simple, I was writing stories about characters that interest me with the hopes of sharing in short form online. This referral changed that though. After meeting with this producer and presenting my project, he expressed great interest in developing my stories into an animated t.v. series and a graphic novel. Fast forward to today and my graphic novel is complete and I have self published it, available on this website, and plan to publish it on Comixology at the beginning of next year 2018. My t.v. series so far has some strong interest from a distribution company and I anxiously await to see if I will get a deal, I hope to find out before the end of this year.  It has been a wild ride and has been kind of scary as well but fun and exciting at the same time. Looking back I've definitely made mistakes and see where I could have done some things differently as well. One thing I've learned so far in my life is that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. So I am learning and growing for sure. Yet, I am hopeful that this project will prove successful, hopefully sooner rather than later.  What does success look like now? Success for me right now would be to get a distribution deal and produce my pilot episode.

My original goals was to simply produce animated shorts for online consumption and I still plan to do this, but it is always exciting to know that my story can be aired on television, potentially around the world, so I am looking forward to this possibility. During this journey I have met many other creatives who have amazing projects and ideas, who are incredible artists as well! I am thankful for starting this project for this reason alone. For those who have been following my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages, thank you for your likes and shares and I hope you will stay with me on this wild ride and see where it takes us!

Make it a wonderful day!