Take A Journey Through The Multiverse!

Take A Journey Through The Multiverse!

what is fantastic dimension: Alphatron?

Go on an adventure with Alphatron, a super powered hero from a parallel world called Ardurus , who suffers memory loss from a great cataclysmic event that sends him hurdling through the multiverse. Now as a reluctant inter-dimensional traveler, Alphatron faces impossible circumstances to find out who he really is and where he came from. He eventually lands in a new world called OrZenbu where he encounters awesome life-forms, some friend, some foe.


Story Synopsis...

The series begins when Alphatron lands in a world called OrZenbu in the middle of a great war for liberty! Which side will he choose to fight on? Will he remember who he is? With his new found allies on OrZenbu, including Kalea and Beltazar, he must fight a familiar enemy that threatens the existence of this new world!

Will Alphatron rise to the challenge and be the hero that Orzenbu needs?



Episode 1 (pilot): 

Alphatron mysteriously crashes on a foreign planet, Orzenbu, without a ship. He is quickly found and seized by insurgent forces, Ozguardians, who worry that Alphatron is a hostile. Years prior, a humanoid, Ka’lamus, arrived in a similar manner then staged a violent insurrection to steal a mysterious device called the creation matrix. The Ozguardians are still fighting his sinister rule. Suffering from amnesia due to the trauma of traveling between dimensions, before an intense skirmish with Boq'asar, Alphatron agrees to help the native Ozguardians fight their war in exchange for their help in getting his memories back. He will soon find that an old friend is already on Or'Zenbu eager to help.

Episode 2:

While still stuck on Or'Zenbu without his memories, Alphatron is quickly brought into the fray of war when a insurgent friendly city of Ganzour is attacked by Breon, a calculating general for Kalamus who knows who Alphatron really is, reminding him of a very painful past. Breon also pushes him to his limits as Alphatron discovers the limitations of his powers. Alphatron and Beltazar discover that there are secrets being kept from them, and the other OzGaurdians by Kalea.

Episode 3:

While recovering from his battle with Breon, Dr. Eli attempts to restore Alphatron's memories. Alphatron finds that some memories are best left forgotten. After everyone realizes the creation matrix has been lost to Kalamus, Kalea confesses that she has not been fully honest with everyone about who she is. Alphatron rallies the OzGaurdians for a last ditch effort to recover the matrix and defeat Kalamus and his drone army for good. Alphatron and Kalamus face off!

a Fresh Take on familiar themes

Fantastic Dimension: Alphatron, has numerous possibilities with story and character by exploring the familiar themes of what it means to be a hero, what it means to fight for others, and the value of working as a team to overcome challenges. The loss of memory by the hero allows exploration into what makes up our identity? Are we merely a summation of our memories and experiences? Do our memories define us? Raising the question of whether we can choose who we want to be regardless of our past.

Fantastic Dimension: Alphatron will also cover broader ideas regarding human existence, spiritual concepts, the origins of the universe and the multiverse, space exploration, mysticism, and the ethics of scientific experimentation.

Not to mention, Fantastic Dimension: Alphatron has robots, cyborgs, mech-suits, human/animal hybrids, space ships, lasers, super-powers, and superheros just to name a few! 

A Brand New universe with cross market appeal

This kind of animated action adventure series will draw audiences from ten year-olds through millennials, Gen X-ers, and beyond. These happen to be the most valuable target to conventional television programming and advertising. The 18-49 crowd is the singular most crucial target. Having a diverse universe to play in and an equally diverse cast of characters, there will be huge cross market appeal within the four quadrants, young, old, male, and female, making this IP highly marketable. Due to the ethnic & racial diversity of the cast of characters coupled with scientific, metaphysical, pseudo-spiritual, and intelligent plot devices, there will be strong domestic and a strong international appeal as well.

Being a brand-new universe of characters and stories, this Intellectual Property will be meeting a market demand for new, fresh, and original content. This series will be able to take advantage of the growing popularity of the superhero genre in TV and film, as well as the ever-growing popularity of storytelling through animation. 

Please note that artwork is for pre-visualization only and may not reflect final character designs.